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Reservations FAQ's

Q:  I want to cancel my reservation last minute, will I be charged a cancellation fee?

A:  Yes, based on our cancellation policy, all reservations are to be cancelled 24 hrs. ahead of their reservation time, more than 72 hrs. for groups larger than 10.

Q: What is your cancellation fee?

A: Up to 8 guests $25PP; More than 8 guests $50PP

Q: Will I get anything in return for cancellation fee charged.

A: No, unfortunately by accepting your reservation we are denying our other guests the opportunity of dining with us.  When you cancel last minute, we lose the opportunity to fill those tables in that time slot.

Large Group Minimum Spend Commits

Q: What does a minimum (F & B) spend commit means?

A: For groups larger than 9 guests, we require a food and beverage minimum spend per guest.

Q: What if my party size was to decrease, how does the commit work then?

A: Larger reservations are required to confirm their head count more than 48hrs of their reservation, otherwise the guest count given at the reservation booking time will be considered final head count for spend commits.  

If the party size was to grow and we are able to accommodate the group, we will adjust the minimum spend commit to the higher headcount.

Q: What happens when my party does not reach the minimum spend?

A:  We will be happy to offer you any wines by the bottle available on our wine list to make up the spending difference.

Q: Can I get future spend credits to make up the difference in minimum spend commits.

A: Unfortunately, all spend commits have to be met during the same visit.

Q: What if my large groups has kids, how does the spend work then?

A:  We calculate minimum spends by the head count and not by age.

Large Groups 17 -20 Guests

Q:  What are the choices in the large group menu.

A: Large Group Menu offers you a 4 course meal, starting with small plates, mid course, main course and desserts.  

Hors D’oeuvres can added to an additional charge per person.

Q: What if my party size was to increase?

A: All changes in party sizes need to be communicated more than 48hrs ahead of your reservation.  We may not have an option to add additional people to the party if not communicated well ahead of your reservation time.

Q: Why I am being asked to pick a menu ahead.

A: In order for us to serve large groups adequately, we require the menu to selected ahead of time.

Q: What if we want to order more items.

A: You can any additional menu items to your order individually from our regular menu during your visit.

Q: How is the food served?

A: All large group menu items are served family style and is meant for sharing.